Congratulation to Carl and Betsy Smith.  Carl is an alumni from the class of 1949.


Mr. and Mrs. Carl Smith

From the Class of 1964:

Cheryll Pierce

Cheryll Woods Pierce was born in Wayne County, Georgia and graduated from Camden High School in 1964.

Cheryll’s work experience includes working for finance and insurance companies, grocery stores, tax assessor’s office, Rawl’s Candy Kitchen, Kings Bay Naval Base, and the US Postal Service.

Old school photos 006

Cheryll enjoys raising iris flowers, painting, gardening, music, church, family and friends.  She is a member of the Old School Renovation Committee and  lives in Woodbine, Ga.

From the Class of 1957:

Jo Frances Connally

Jo Frances Sheffield Connolly was born in Colesburg, Ga. and attended Camden County High School, graduating in 1957.  Her additional education and training includes 1 year of junior college, fire and EMT schooling, and  classes at the police academy.

Her work experience includes 911 dispatcher as supervisor and police dispatcher in Camden County.  During the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta, Jo Frances utilized her training and worked as a supervisor.  She also worked 5 years at the Jacksonville airport as a dispatcher, and retired as deputy clerk of Superior Court in Camden County.

Her hobbies and interests are reading, crocheting, photography, and travel, as she traveled extensively throughout Europe.   Jo Frances is a life member of the Ladies Aux. of the VFW 8385, and is a member of The Old School Renovation Committee.  She is also a charter member of the Moose Lodge in Yulee, Fl.

Old school photos 004

Jo Frances also enjoys writing, having written a book about her family and several of her poems have been printed in Who’s Who In American Poets.

Jo Frances and her husband, Hal, currently reside on Harrietts Bluff Road in Camden County.

From the Class of 1958:

Libby BassLibby Miller Bass

Libby Miller Bass was born and has lived all her life in Woodbine, Ga.  After graduating from Camden County High School in 1958 she attended Perry Business School in Brunswick, Ga.

Her work career includes secretary at CCHS in Woodbine from 1959-65 and operated a kindergarten for 12 years in her home.  Her employment also includes secretary for attorney Benjamin R. Martin.  She also worked with a flower shop in Woodbine.

Libby enjoys flowers and square dancing as hobbies and is active in the Old School Renovation Committee in which she is a Charter Member.  Libby can be found on Friday and Saturday evenings at the old school where she is in charge of the Gift Shop during The Woodbine Opry.

From the Class of 1946:

Maybelle Bedell Gilfillan,Maybell Bedell Gilfillan

Mayebelle Bedell Gilfillan was born and raised in Woodbine attending Woodbine Elementary School grades 1-7,  North Camden High School at White Oak, grades 8-10, and graduated from Camden County High School in Woodbine in 1946.  Her graduating class had 30 students and went through the 11th grade. Upon graduation Mayebelle attended college for two years in Valdosta at the Georgia State Women’s College, and then graduated in 1950 from the Woman’s College of North Carolina in Greensboro.

Mayebelle  recalls that during the World War II years there was no basketball, school trips, or any outside activities.  The high school prom was held in the hall and the mothers cooked the banquet in the Home Ec room.  The theme was, “Hitch Your Wagon To A Star” and decorated with construction paper wagons, stars, and lots of gardenias.

Pursuing  a teaching career, Mayebelle taught at several schools including Camden High until starting her family in 1958.

Mayebelle’s hobbies and activities include hiking, church, family, and various organizations.  She makes her home in Monte Vista, Co.

Woodbine High School Teacher:

Bettie Lee Cottle

Bettie Lee Cottle, presently the oldest member of the Old School Renovation Committee, was a teacher at Woodbine High School during the 1940’s.  Ms. Cottle also taught at the Florida School for the Blind and Deaf, Hastings Elementary, Reynolds Street Elementary, in Brunswick, Ga., and Woodbine Elementary School.

Ms. Cottle was born in Wacahoota, Florida in 1925 to parents Frank and Mary Lou Beville.  She attended Florida State College of Women, in Tallahassee Fl., also in the 1940’s.

Along with being a charter member of the OSRC, Bettie Lee is also a member of the DAR, Eastern Star, United Daughters of the Confederacy, The Retired Teacher’s Assoc. of Georgia, the Woodbine Woman’s Club, and others.  Bettie Lee resides in Woodbine.

Members Class of 1965

The Annual All Alumni Reunion Open House was held at the old Woodbine school on Saturday April 25, 2015. All former students, teachers, and general public were invited to attend this event sponsored by the Old School Renovation Committee. The auditorium, gift shop, museum room, thrift shop, snack room, meeting room, and the cafeteria were made available for viewing. Barbeque dinners were sold in the cafeteria and a cake sale was also held in the building. Bluegrass music, provided by Billy Brant, was performed in the auditorium prior to the afternoon’s program.

The program began at 1:00PM, emceed by Billy Brant with a welcoming given by Louise Mitchell, Mayor pro-tem of Woodbine. All veterans in attendance were recognized. Observing their 50th year since graduation, the Class of 1965 was honored. Speaking from the class were Eddie Sasser, Jimmy Goodman, and Wendell Harrell, all recalling days spent at the Old School. Others present in the audience were members of classes from 1952-1960.

The Class of 1965 will be back to the Old School in October when they have their 50th reunion. They purchased 28 memory bricks and a dedication ceremony will be held at that time.

A website for the Class of 1965:

From the Class of 1964:

Pat Dasher Bruce

Pat Dasher Bruce

Pat Dasher Bruce was born in Savannah, Ga. and moved to Kingsland in 1960 where she attended Camden County High School, graduating in 1964.  Further education for Pat includes classes in computer science, medical terminology, and insurance coding at Brunswick Campus.

Pat married Charles Bruce in 1965 and they have two children and four grandchildren.

The work history for Pat includes Dr. Crocker and Dr. Maxwell, and she has been employed the past 11 years at the Citizens State Bank in Kingsland, Ga.

Pat’s hobbies and interests are photography, bike riding, going to the beach, traveling, and spending time with family.  Pat said that she and Charles enjoy being at The Woodbine Opry both Friday and Saturday nights.

Pat and Charles have made their home in Kingsland, Georgia.

From Woodbine Elementary School, 1940:

Shirley Joiner Thompson

Shirley Joiner Thompson

Shirley Joiner Thompson started her education in 1933 at the Woodbine Elementary School (Old Woodbine School).  Her first class was taught by Miss Lorena Mizell and had approximately 23-26 students, including Helen Readdick and Jack McCollough.  Although being scared to death of Miss Mizell, she received the best student award and a free ticket for swimming at Island Grove.  Shirley says that the education she received at Woodbine Elementary was “tops”, and even to this day she appreciates the time spent there.

She continued her education at White Oak High School and graduated in 1944.  Shirley furthered her education in business schools and various classes at Jacksonville Jr. College, University of North Florida, and New York Institute of Finance.

Shirley worked for Merrill Lynch for 13 years and also for H & R Block for one year.

Her interests and activities include volunteering for the ACS Board of Directors, Bryan Lang Archives, board member and chair of the Bryan Lang Foundation, DAR parliamentarian, Burnt Fort Historical Association, Inc., and the Harrell Family Association.  She has written and published five historical books including “Woodbine Twineth” and was named Historian Of The Year in 2006 by the Guale Historical Society.

Shirley resides in Camden County near Burnt Fort.

From the Class of 1968:

Ted Wise, Class of 1968

Ted Wise, Class of 1968

Ted began school in 1956 in White Oak where he attended grades 1 through 7. He then attended the remaining school years in Woodbine at Camden County High, graduating in 1968. Upon graduating he went on to Ware Tech in Waycross, graduating there in 1970. He is now retired from Sea Island Company and is an avid fisherman and hunter, spending most of his time on the Satilla River. He can be found Friday and Saturday evenings at The Woodbine Opry.

From the class of 1948:

Lewis Keene

Lewis Keene

Lewis Keene was sighted at The Woodbine Opry last Saturday, again, and shared some fond memories of the Old School. He recalled starting first grade in 1937 at the age of six, and moved to White Oak for second grade, and then returned to the Old School where he continued his education until he graduated in 1948. Lewis lives in Woodbine and is a retired electrician who is active in the local Lyons Club. He often attends The Woodbine Opry and enjoys visiting with others about the Old School and the good times that were had there.

Wilbur Readdick

Wilbur Readdick

Wilbur Readdick, 94,  the oldest alumni of the old school, can often been seen when he attends The Woodbine Opry.

Born at Harriett’s Bluff, Wilbur entered the 2nd grade at the Old Woodbine School in 1927, and was a student there through the 9th grade.  At the age of 16,Wilbur left school in order  to help support his family by joining the CCC.

Wilbur is a veteran of World War II, serving in the US Army as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne Division.

Although his education was cut short, Wilbur’s accomplishments were outstanding.  He was self-employed in the pulp wood and sawmill industry, as well as a builder of shrimp boats.

Wilbur owns his own airplane and still enjoys his flying.

Wilbur and his wife, Joyce reside in St. Marys, Ga.


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  1. Wilfred Dumss says:

    Do you have dancing Saturday Feb 6th.

  2. Janis "Tarpy" Harrell Davis says:

    We are so glad to see Wilbur and his wife, Joyce, attend the Woodbine Opry. He is so supportive of his old school and all the activities that we sponsor. He is certainly a YOUNG 94 yrs old! Welcome Wilbur!!

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