Memory Bricks

The “Memory Walk” is located at the base of the flagpole at the front of the school.  Memory bricks may be ordered through the committee with a cost of $35.00 per brick.


Adam Lois Miller 1944                   Lois Miller Adam Class of 44
Aldridge Daniel E. 1965                Daniel E Aldridge Class of 65
Aldridge Joan 1961                           Joan Aldridge Class of 61
Allison Catherine                          Catherine Allison In Memory
Allison Laverna                                      Laverna Allison 27-28
Allmond Martha Sue                                          Class of 1965
Atkinson Lynn 1955                                  Lynn Atkinson 1955
Bailey Larry                                          Class of 1965
Barber Cleo 1946                                Cleo Barber Class of 46
Barlow Edward 1958                       Edward Barlow Class of 58
Barlow Helen 1956                            Helen Barlow Class of 56
Barlow Jimmy 1952                          Jimmy Barlow Class of 52
Bass Franklin C.             Franklin C Bass Memory of 1942-2004
Bass Libby 1958                                Libby Bass Class of 1958
Bass Mickey 1949                               Mickey Bass Class of 49
Bauer Sandra                                   In Memory Class of 1961
Bauer Teddie Jean 1960             Teddie Jean Bauer Class of 60
Beck Faye 1955                                     Faye Beck Class of 55
Bedell Mahlon 1943                          Mahlon Bedell Class of 43
Bedell Troy 1945                                  Troy Bedell Class of 45
Bedell Proctor                                       Bedell Proctor Famlies
Berrie Brian 1937                            Brian Berrie Class of 1937
Bethune Jack                                Jack Bethune Opry Band 01
Bethune Jackson                          Jackson Bethune Opry Band
Blake George Dockey 1953             George Dockey Blake 1953
Blake Linda Watson 1955                  Linda Watson Blake 1955
Blake Wesley 1948                        Wesley Blake Class of 1948
Blitch Peg                                                  Peg Blitch Senator
Bonner Tommy 1958                      Tommy Bonner Class of 58
Boone Grace Hardaway                                      Class of 1970
Boone Skipper 1960                        Skipper Boone Class of 60
Boring Margaret                           Margaret Boring Class 32-39
Boring N. Jr. 1938                             N. Boring, Jr. Class of 38
Boring Susan Ellen 1949            Susan Ellen Boring Class of 49
Boyer Jean C.             Jean C Boyer In Memory of “Frick” 2005
Branch Hearl                                          Class of 1965
Brandon G. W.                 G W Brandon 1st Mayor of Woodbine
Brandon Jerry 1961                          Jerry Brandon Class of 61
Brandon Peggy 1957                       Peggy Brandon Class of 57
Brandon Pete 1960                           Pete Brandon Class of 60
Brandon Ricky 1963                        Ricky Brandon Class of 63
Brannen Bill                                                      Class of 1961
Brazell Jimmy 1952                     Jimmy Brazell In Memory 52
Brazell Mary Frances 1955               Mary Frances Brazell 1955
Brenner Mike                                                     Mike Brenner
Bridges Floyd 1942                                    Floyd Bridges 1942
Bridges James C. 1971                  James C Bridges Class of 71
Bridges Jewell 1944                                  Jewell Bridges 1944
Briese Charles H.                          Charles H Briese In Memory
Briese J. E.                          J E Briese First Georgia Firefighter
Briese J. E.                        J E Briese In Memory Class of 1947
Briese J. K.                                         In Memory Eagle Scout
Briese J. K.                              BRIESE, J K In Memory USCGA
Briese J. K.                                         In Memory Vol Fireman
Briese Josephine Gooding                 Josephine Gooding Briese
Briese Josephine Gooding     Josephine Gooding Briese 31 2010
Briese Maybel Young               Maybel Young Briese In Memory
Briese Robert Windy                                 Robert Windy Briese
Brinson Wendell                       Wendell Brinson Teacher 55-64
Brinson Wendell                            Wendell Brinson Sr Sponsor
Brinson Wendell                       Wendell Brinson Waverly EI 54
Brinson Wendell                                   Wendell Brinson Coach
Brinson Wendell                              Wendell Brinson Driver Ed
Brock Ed                                                    Ed Brock Educator
Brock Myrial                                          Myrial Brock Educator
Brockington James 1949            James Brockington Class of 49
Brockington Marvin                                     Class of 1965
Brockington William, Jr.  William Brockington Jr. DOB 11-15-78
Brown Nancy 1955                                     Nancy Brown 1955
Bruce Addie Ruth Barton   Addie Ruth Barton Bruce Class of 53
Bruce J. Perry 1949                           J Perry Bruce Class of 49
Brumley George 1953                            George Brumley 1953
Bryant Loretta 1950                         Loretta Bryant Class of 50
Bryant Ralph 1947            Ralph Bryant In Memory Class of 47
Buchanan Sabina Trey                                       Class of 1959
Buie Neil McClurd 1950                        Neil McClurd Buie 1950
Burch Joan                                                            Class of 1965
Byers Virginia Gust 1953           Virginia Gust Byers Class of 53
Campbell Jimmy                                                    In Memory
Campbell Roddy                                          Class of 1965
Cannon Monroe 1952                Monroe Cannon In Memory’ 52
Cannon Roma 1954                      Roma Cannon Class of 1954
Cannon Sue Nell Peeples  Sue Nell Peeples Cannon In Memory
Carter Everett                             Everett Carter Opry Band 06
CCHS                                                               Class of 1970
Chaney Joe 1952                                          Joe Chaney 1952
Chapman Al                                                        Al Chapman
Chavez Josephine S. 1952                 Josephine S Chavez 1952
Cheek Gertrude Berrie      Gertrude Berrie Cheek Class of 1958
Chesser Cleo Gay 1935            Cleo Gay Chesser Class of 1935
Clark Betty 1955                         Betty Clark Wife of Lucius 55
Clark Bobby 1952                               Bobby Clark Class of 52
Clark Hazel 1956                                 Hazel Clark Class of 56
Clark Leone N. 1954                         Leone N Clark Class of 54
Clark Lucille                                           Lucille Clark 39 Years
Clark Lucius 1955                               Lucius Clark Class of 55
Clark Mary Lee                                Mary Lee Clark In Memory
Clark Stanley 1961                                                In Memory
Clyde Chuck                     Chuck Clyde Firefighter Hazelton, Pa
Coats Katie 1999                                          Katie Coats 1999
Colson Andrew Ruth                Andrew Ruth Colson In Memory
Colson Bebe                         Bebe Colson Elementary 1930-37
Colson Fa and ORA                    Fa and ORA Colson In Memory
Colson Hattie P.                              Hattie P Colson In Memory
Colson James R.                            James R Colson In Memory
Colson Nadine 1952                         Nadine Colson Class of 52
Condon Kathleen                                     Class of 1965
Cooler Brenda                                  Brenda Cooler 1972-1979
Cooler Cathy                                     Cathy Cooler 1973-1980
Cooler Charles                                 Charles Cooler 1964-1968
Cooler Chuck                                            Chuck Cooler 79-87
Cooler Edvin                                      Edvin Cooler 1958-1960
Cooler Henry                                     Henry Cooler 1976-1981
Cooler Junie                                       Junie Cooler In Memory
Cooner Barbara                                             Barbara Cooner
Copeland Eunice 1948                   Eunice Copeland Class of 48
Copeland Vernon 1953                 Vernon Copeland Class of 53
Corbett Lauren                                                Lauren Corbett
Corry Tyler                                          Tyler Corry 1984 1986
Cottle Benny                                                    In Memory Of
Cottle Betty Lee                            Betty Lee Cottle Teacher 44
Cottle Edgar                                       Edgar Cottle In Memory
Cottle Howard 1952                     Howard Cottle In Memory 52
Cottle Ray 1978                                    Ray Cottle Class of 78
Cottle Wilton “Buddy”        Wilton “Buddy” Cottle In Memory 52
Coulson Sam 1952                         Sam Coulson Class of 1952
Coulson Wanda Crews 1953           Wanda Crews Coulson 1953
Coulson Zack 1948                            Zack Coulson Class of 48
Cox Audrey Williams 1964                Audrey Williams Cox 1964
Cox John Latrelle 1952                         John Latrelle Cox 1952
Cox Shannon and Pam 1986         Shannon and Pam Cox 1986
Cox Steve                          Steve Cox Opry Band – In Memory
Crews Owen 1953                          Owen Crews Class of 1953
Crews Ronald 1958                       Ronald Crews Class of 1958
Cribbs Thomas 1949                                  Thomas Cribs 1949
Cross Emma Lou
Daniels Albert Eddie 1958     Albert Eddie Daniels Class of 1958
Daniels Debbie Cox 1977                   Debbie Cox Daniels 1977
Daniels Florence                                            Florence Dainels
Daniels Lawrence                                         Lawrence Daniels
Daniels Junior 1961                                               In Memory
Daniels Terry                                                     Terry Daniels
Daniels Terry and Deborah      Terry and Deborah Daniels 1971
Daugherty Daniel                         Dan and Florence Daugherty
Daugherty Florence                      Dan and Florence Daugherty
Davis Betty Miller 1952                        Betty Miller Davis 1952
Dinkins Lisa 1977                                        Lisa Dinkins 1977
Dinkins Bobby 1973                                 Bobby Dinkins 1973
Dinkins Celeste                                               Celeste Dinkins
Dinkins Ricky 1971                                    Ricky Dinkins 1971
Dixon Patricia                                             Class of 1965
Drury Barbara 1957                         Barbara Drury Class of 57
Drury Bernerd 1947                                 Bernerd Drury 1947
Drury Charles Floyd         Charles Floyd Drury In Memory 1955
Drury Connie Mobley              Connie Mobley Drury 1979 1984
Drury Delree 1954                                     Delree Drury 1954
Drury Dennis 1958                            Dennis Drury Class of 58
Drury Dorothy 1955                 Dorothy Drury In Memory 1955
Drury Elmer 1950                                        Elmer Drury 1950
Drury Ernest 1955                     Ernest Drury In Memory 1955
Drury Eugene V.              Eugene V Drury Teacher, 1978-1986
Drury Faye 1949                                           Faye Drury 1949
Drury Floyd 1955                Floyd Drury In Memory Class 1955
Drury Freda Horne 1953            Freda Horne Drury Class of 53
Drury Hoydt 1955                                       Hoydt Drury 1955
Drury Isaac 1957                                Isaac Drury Class of 57
Drury Jane 1958                              Jane Drury In Memory 58
Drury Joyce Dinkins 1948         Joyce Dinkins Drury Class of 48
Drury Louise Dubose 1947               Louise Dubose Drury 1947
Drury Marion Lang                                      Marion Lang Drury
Drury Meriam Snelson 1955           Meriam Snelson Drury 1955
Drury Morris 1950                                       Morris Drury 1950
Drury Richard K. 1960                   Richard K Drury Class of 60
Drury Wilhelmina 1960                Wilhelmina Drury Class of 60
Duberly Dan                                  Dan Duberly Opry Band 01
Dyal Darrell 1958                                Darrell Dyal Class of 58
Dyal Elmo 1952                                     Elmo Dyal Class of 52
Dyal Willi Mae                                                   Willi Mae Dyal
Dyess Clara                                   Clara Dyess Teacher 61-71
Dyess Priscilla Krupp 1970      Priscilla Krupp Dyess Class of 70
Dzamko Mary Eliz Rose                        Mary Eliz Rose Dzamko
Edwards C. S.                                    C S Edwards In Memory
Edwards Mrs. C. S.                                      Mrs. C S Edwards
Edwards Ruth                                      Ruth Edwards Educator
Edwards T. H., Jr.                              T H Edwards Jr. Principal
Eichorn Doug and Jackie                Doug & Jackie Eichorn 2005
Ellis Geraldine Fender 1948    Geraldine Fender Ellis Class of 48
Ellis Hubert Snag                                          Hubert Snag Ellis
Ellis W.H.                                         Class of 1961 In Memory
Flanagan JoAnn Harrell 1952        JoAnn Harrell Flanagan 1952
Foddrell Jimmy & Glenda                   Jimmy & Glenda Foddrell
Fortier Suzanne McTeer 1958      Suzanne McTeer Fortier 1958
French David and Cathy 2000     David and Cathy French 2000
Frick& Frack                               “Frick & Frack” Opry Band 06
Gale Hist. Society                                 Gale Historical Society
Gay Phil                                                         Class of 1965
Gay Richard Sonny 1965           Richard Sonny Gay Class of 65
Gay Ronnie 1965                                 Ronnie Gay Class of 65
Gilfillan Maybelle Bedell 1946       Maybelle Bedell Gilfillan 1946
Gill Joy Buie 1958                               Joy Buie Gill Class of 58
Gillette Dayton 1963                       Dayton Gillette Class of 63
Gillette Glenda Rentz 1957               Glinda Gillette Class of 57
Gillette Martin 1957                         Martin Gillette Class of 57
Gillis Don 1956                                       Don Gillis Class of 56
Gilmore Tina Thrift                                     Tina Thrift Gilmore
Girls BBall 1970                                          Thanks Ch Russell
Gmytruk Cecelia                                            Cecelia Gymtruk
Godley Virginia 1965                       Virginia Godley Class of 65
Gooding Agnes Miller 1934      Agnes Miller Gooding Class of 34
Gooding Deanna Marr            Deanna Marr Gooding 1971 1974
Gooding Eudell G.                          Eudell G Gooding JWG Wife
Gooding Georgia Mae             Georgia Mae Gooding In Memory
Gooding J. W. 1958                            J W Gooding Class of 58
Gooding Johnnie M., Jr.          Johnnie M Gooding Jr In Memory
Gooding Johnnie M., Sr.         Johnnie M Gooding Sr In Memory
Gowen Alex 1958        Alex Gowen In Memory of Class of 1958
Gowen C. Vernon 1955                 C Vernon Gowen Class of 55
Gowen Gary E. 1953                        Gary E Gowen Class of 53
Gowen Velma                             Velma Gowen In Memory PTA
Grantham Junior                      Junior Grantham Opry Band 01
Grice Edith                                           Edith Grice In Memory
Grice Vivian Coulson 1947                Vivian Coulson Grice 1947
Grund Sandra Liles 1963                    Sandra Liles Grund 1963
Hall Kathleen Reddick        Kathleen Reddick Hall Class of 1952
Ham Genegieve 1948                 Genevieve Ham Class of 1948
Hamilton Corky 1949                              Corky Hamilton 1949
Hamilton Lucius C. 1936             Lucius C Hamilton Class of 36
Hanrahan Judy Tomlinson   Judy Tomlinson Hanrahan Class 58
Hardaway Christine Taylor       Christine Taylor Hardaway 1948
Harrell Ada Hallman 1932                 Ada Hallman Harrell 1932
Harrell Janis Tarpy 1955                     Janis Tarpy Harrell 1955
Harrell Johnny                                                       In Memory
Harrell Raleigh 1954                                Raleigh Harrell 1954
Harrell Wendell 1965                      Wendell Harrell Class of 65
Harris Sanford 1952                                 Sanford Harris 1952
Harris Tola Family                      Tolla Family Harris In Memory
Harvey Bill & Judy Pierce  Bill Harvey& Judy Pierce Opry Lovers
Hayes Carol                                    Carol Hayes Opry Band 06
Head Alex 1948                                 Alex Head Class of 1948
Head Dilworth 1961                                               In Memory
Hendrix Chuck                                                  Class of 1965
Henning Jackie Smith 1958    Jackie Smith Henning Class of 58
Hickox Hershel                           Hershel Hickox Opry Band 06
Higginbotham Fred 1959        Fred Higginbotham Class of 1959
Higginbotham Henry Dean       Henry Dean Higginbotham 1949
Higginbotham Wallace          Wallace Higginbotham Class of 52
Hightower Irba                                              Class of 1965
Hillis Frances Trey                                                 Class of 61
Horne Felton 1959         Felton Horne In Memory Class of 1959
Horne Glenn                                       Glenn Horne In Memory
Horne Lucille                                                Class of 1965
Horne Shirley A. 1968                           Shirley A. Horne 1968
Horne Vern C. 1964                      Vern C Horne Class of 1964
Howard Horton 1958                  Horton Howard Class of 1958
Howard Joseph 1971                      Joseph Howard Class of 71
Howell Bobby                                          Class of 1965
Hunnicutt J. C.                           J. C. Hunnicutt Opry Band 06
Iannone JoAnn Ellis 1953          JoAnn Ellis Iannone Class of 53
Idaka George 1948                       George Idaka Class of 1948
Intravia Albert 1961                                              In Memory
Irvin Joe 1952                                                  Joe Irvin 1952
Jacobs Willa Jerald Nicholls     Willa Jerald Nicholls Jacobs 1968
James Denise 1978                                   Denise James 1978
James John N.                              John N. James Nahunta, GA
James Joshua 1978                                   Joshua James 1978
James Kelly 2004                                         Kelly James 2004
James Kolby 2003                                       Kolby James 2003
Jennings Evelyn C. 1941             Evelyn C Jennings Class of 41
Johnson Elizabeth Miller                      Elizabeth Miller Johnson
Johnson Elvera                                                  Class of 1961
Johnson Jimmy 1948                      Jimmy Johnson Class of 48
Joiner Allene                                      Allene Joiner 1934 1940
Joiner Bill 1955                                               Bill Joiner 1955
Joiner Gerald V.                           Gerald V Joiner 36-42-45-47
Joiner M. Clayborne         M Clayborne Joiner 1939-45 1947-50
Joiner Olan O Neil                    Olan O Neil Joiner 40-44-48-49
Joiner Shirley I.                              Shirley I Joiner 1933 1939
Joiner Willie D. 1952                                Willie D. Joiner 1952
Jones Aubry                                   Aubry Jones Opry Band 06
Jones Roy                                         Roy Jones Opry Band 06
Junk Ray                                                              Class of 61
Keaton Mary Gay                  Mary Gay Keaton 1st Grade 1935
Keene Louis 1948                                 Louis Keen Class of 48
Keene Maryann                          Martin Maryann Martin Keene
Keene Pat 1956                                 Pat Keene Class of 1956
Keene Yvonne 1953                         Yvonne Keene Class of 53
Kelly Robert                                                   Class of 1965
Kennison Carol                                                      In Memory
Kennison Clayton 1958             Clayton Kennison Class of 1958
Kennison Franklin                                             In Memory-61
Kittrell Danny 1958                       Danny Kittrell Class of 1958
Kives Maydee Peeples 1946            Maydee Peeples Kives 1946
Knight Bobby E.                                              Bobby E Knight
Kyser Evelyn Drury 1956                   Evelyn Drury Kyser 1956
Kyser Walter                                                      Walter Kyser
Lang “Fess”                                            “Fess” Lang Principal
Lang Alex Capt               Capt Alex Lang CSA 4th G 1835 1916
Lang Ben Ellie Waldo                               Ben Ellie Waldo Lang
Lang Ben II & IV                                Ben Lang II & IV Clarice
Lang Ben III                                   Ben Lang III Malinda Brian
Lang Ida A. Liles                            Ida A Liles Lang 1857 1937
Lang Jasper Linda                                Jasper Linda Lang Gary
Lang Julian 1953                                          Julian Lang 1953
Lang Myra                                             Myra Lang In Memory
Lang Nathaniel                    Nathaniel Lang CSA Ga 1847 1929
Lang Tim, Vicky & Aunt Tilda            Tim Vicky Lang Aunt Tilda
Lang Ward                                                            Ward Lang
Lee Susan                                        Susan Lee Teacher 60-61
Lewis Elsie Mae 1961                                             In Memory
Lewis Irvin                                                            Irvin Lewis
Lewis Jackie 1954                       Jackie Lewis In Memory 1954
Lewis Jacklin Wilder 1959                   Jacklin Lewis Class of 59
Lewis Ralph 1955                                         Ralph Lewis 1955
Liles Benjamin C.                          Benjamin C Liles 1823 1857
Liles Jack 1946                      Jack Liles In Memory Class of 46
Liles Jon 1955                                                  Jon Liles 1955
Linker Jackie Long 1946          Jackie Long Linker Class of 1946
Linker Lamar 1940                          Lamar Linker Cass of 1940
Linker Patty 1949                            Patty Linker Class of 1949
Little Helen 1949                                 Helen Little Class of 49
Little Jacqueline Walls 1954           Jacqueline Little Walls 1954
Little James 1946                               James Little Class of 46
Little Margaret 1957                       Margaret Little Class of 57
Logan George                             George Logan Opry Band 06
Lowell Barbara Louise           Barbara Louise Lowell 1944-1961
Lowell Florence 1969                     Florence Lowell Class of 69
Lucree Dorinda 1963                      Dorinda Lucree Class of 63
Lucree Jimmy 1967                          Jimmy Lucree Class of 67
MacDonell Ricky                                              Class of 1965
Maddox Maddox                                       With Love Papa Jim
Makinzie Mackinzie                                   With Love Papa Jim
Marr Erica                                             Erica Marr 1988-1991
Marr Jamie                                                           Jamie Marr
Marr Ray, Jr.                                       Ray Marr Jr 1971-1972
Martin Benjamin R., Jr.           Benjamin R Martin Jr In Memory
Martin Gladys                                                    Gladys Martin
Mason Jimmie                                                  Jimmie Mason
May Steve 1968                                    Steve May Class of 68
May Steve 1969                                    Steve May Class of 69
McCool Helen Brockington        Helen Brockington McCool 1952
McCullers Robert                      Robert McCullers Opry Band 06
McCullough Laura 1955               Laura McCullough Class of 55
McCullough Miriam Shelnut     Miriam Shelnut McCullough 1947
McDonald Jackie Rose                            Jackie Rose McDonald
McDonald Margilundia 1982            Margilundia McDonald 1982
McEachem Jeannie                                        In Memory 1961
McKendree Barbara 1948      Barbara McKendree Class of 1948
McKendree Cullam                     Cullam McKendree 1929-1938
McKenney Irene 1948                Irene McKenney Class of 1948
Melisa Melissa                                           With Love Papa Jim
Merritt Mary S. Harrell 1949           Mary S Harrell Merritt 1949
Merrow Curtis 1946                                  Curtis Merrow 1946
Merrow Marie 1945                       Marie Merrow Class of 1945
Mesics Florence                                              Florence Mesics
Middleton Jerry 1970                  Jerry Middleton Class of 1970
Middleton Jimmy 1955                 Jimmy Middleton Class of 55
Miller Albert 1946                               Albert Miller Class of 46
Miller Betty Davis 1952               Betty Davis Miller Class of 52
Miller Bill 1967                                       Bill Miller Class of 67
Miller Brandon                                 Brandon Miller 1989 1991
Miller Brenda Gooding                             Brinda Gooding Miller
Miller Cecelia                                     Cecelia Miller 1987 1991
Miller Clinton                            Clinton Miller 10th Grade 1946
Miller David 1949                                David Miller Class of 49
Miller Elmer 1952                                         Elmer Miller 1952
Miller Hugh                                                      Class of 1965
Miller Jim and Ada                      Jim and Ada Miller In Memory
Miller Judy                                                        Class of 1965
Miller Katie                                          Katie Miller 1931-1938
Miller L                                      L Miller SSGT USA 1922-1981
Miller L                                                L Miller John W Alice G
Miller Liston                                        Liston Miller In Memory
Miller Marie 1937                             Marie Miller Class of 1937
Miller Richard                                   Richard Miller 1990 1991
Miller Rowdy J.                                Rowdy J Miller 1973 1976
Mills John W. 1956                         John W Mills Class of 1956
Mitchell Mitchell                                        With Love Papa Jim
Mizell Lorena                                        Lorena Mizell Educator
Moore Barbara Taylor 1961             Barbara Taylor Moore 1961
Moore C.                                  C Moore CCC Camp 1935-1937
Moore Capt. Bobby O                               Capt Bobby O Moore
Moore J. D. 1952                                            J D Moore 1952
Moore W. J.                                             W J Moore Educator
Morgan Edna Faye Kemp   Edna Faye Kemp Morgan Class of 52
Morrison George A., Jr.           George A Morrison Jr 1804 1870
Murray Betty Sue                        Betty Sue Murray In Memory
Murray Carl 1971                                         Carl Murray 1971
Murray Herbert                               Herbert Murray In Memory
Murray Melissa                                Melissa Murray In Memory
Murray Michael                               Michael Murray In Memory
Murray Pat                                           Pat Murray In Memory
Murray Tim                             Tim Murray Opry Band & Sound
Nantz Roxanne Thrift                              Roxanne Thrift Nantz
Nelson Caroline 1958                     Caroline Nelson Class of 58
Nelson Leone 1954                            Leone Nelson Class of 54
Nelson Reynolds 1952                           Reynolds Nelson 1952
Nichols Roger 1962                          Roger Nichols Class of 62
Nixon Lois Dyal 1954                              Lois Dyal Nixon 1954
Nunley Judy                                                     Class of 1965
Oneal Josephine Keene        Josephine Keene Oneal Class of 55
O’Neal Carl M. 1959                     Carl M. O’Neal Class of 1959
O’Neal Jerry 1962                           Jerry O’Neal Class of 1962
O’Quinn Sheryl Watson       Sheryl Watson O’Quinn Class of 64
Outlaw JC & Debbie Thrift                J C & Debbie Thrift Outlaw
Owens Richard                            Richard Owens Opry Band 01
Padgett Gloria B.                       Gloria B Padgett Class of 1948
Parr Elizabeth Liles 1930        Elizabeth Liles Parr Class of 1930
Parrish Sally 1952                                Sally Parris Class of 52
Parrott Jeannette 1949                Jeannette Parrott Class of 49
Peeples Harold                                                Class of 1965
Peeples Kerry Red 1959              Kerry Red Peeples Class of 59
Peeples Libby 1960                           Libby Peeples Class of 60
Peeples Warren 1948                  Warren Peeples Class of 1948
Penguin Kids Drama                         Penguin Kids Drama 2001
Perry Mahlon 1952                                     Mahlon Perry 1952
Perry Mallie                                                          Mallie Perry
Phillips Sarah Baker                 Sarah Baker Phillips In Memory
Pickering Donn Boone                                        Class of 1960
Porter Phyllis Fiveash         Phyllis Fiveash Porter Class of 1961
Porter T. Leonard 1961            T. Leonard Porter Class of 1961
Prefontaine Mike “Flash”                     Mike “Flash” Prefontaine
Price Ann 1958                                   Ann Price Class of 1958
Proctor Ann 1957                                Ann Proctor Class of 57
Proctor Claire Elizabeth                        Claire Elizabeth Proctor
Proctor David McGhee 1935           David McGhee Proctor 1935
Proctor David Paul                                      David Paul Proctor
Proctor Don                                          Class of 61 in Memory
Proctor Ellen 1970                              Ellen Proctor Class of 70
Proctor Holly Koan                                      Holly Koan Proctor
Proctor James Claire 1947       James Claire Proctor Class of 47
Proctor James King                                   James King Proctor
Proctor Lucious                              Lucious Proctor In Memory
Proctor Ruth Byers                                    Ruth Byers Proctor
Quarterman Christine 1934   Chiristine Quarterman Class of 34
Rawl Rolf O. Esquire 1962     Rolf O Rawl Esquire Class of 1962
Readdick Helen Peeples                       Helen Peeples Readdick
Readdick Mary Ann 1952       Mary Ann Readdick In Memory 52
Readick Mae Smith 1941                    Mae Smith Readick 1941
Reading Carl 1954                                      Carl Reading 1954
Reading Carl 1954                                      Carl Reading 1954
Reading Carl 1954                                      Carl Reading 1954
Reading Carl Adam 1982                    Carl Adam Reading 1982
Reading Denise 1978                              Denise Reading 1978
Reading Denise 1978                              Denise Reading 1978
Reading Lisa 1961                                      Lisa Reading 1961
Reading Lisa 1961                                      Lisa Reading 1961
Reading Theresa 1959                            Theresa Reading 1959
Reeves Rhudeane Crews 1952    Rhudeane Crews Reeves 1952
Rentz Susie Bedell 1942                     Susie Bedell Rentz 1942
Reynolds Wade L.                                         Wade L Reynolds
Ridenour Jerry 1958                Jerry Ridenour In Memory 1958
Rigdon O. R.                          O R Rigdon Coach In Memory 52
Roberson Ralph             Ralph Roberson Teacher In Memory 52
Robinson Jack 1952                     Jack Robinson In Memory 52
Rogers Edward 1952                               Edward Rogers 1952
Rozier Jean                                          Jean Rozier 1945 1949
Russell B. A. “Pappy”                                B A “Pappy” Russell
Sandiford Janice 1962               Janice Sandiford In Memory 62
Sasser Eddie 1966           Eddie Sasser Col USA Ret Class of 66
Satilla Probe MGT                                          Satilla Prob MGT
Scott Harriet Fe’Finn 1952                Harriot Fe’Finn Scott 1952
Seward Ann Howard 1948    Ann Howard Seward Class of 1948
Sheffield Margaret                                             Memory 1961
Sheppard Vernon 1949                         Vernon Sheppard 1949
Smith Betty 1958                            Betty Smith Class of 1958
Smith Billy 1956                               Billy Smith Class of 1956
Smith Brian C.                                                 Brian C Smith
Smith Carl 1949                                    Carl Smith Class of 49
Smith Carol, Mike, Maione                  Carol-Mike Smith Maione
Smith Charlie, Jr. 1964                  Charlie Smith Jr Class of 64
Smith Charlie, Sr. 1925                 Charlie Smith Sr Class of 25
Smith Elsie                                          In Honor Of Our Mama
Smith Joel M.                                                     Joel M Smith
Smith Tricia                                                         Tricia Smith
Southwell Virginia                                       Virginia Southwell
Sparkman Bobby                                               Class of 1965
Spaulding “Jack” J. N                       “Jack” J N Spaulding
Staats Bob                                      Bob Staats Opry Band 06
Stewart Ralphene 1952               Ralphene Stewart Class of 52
Still Dorris Donaldson 1954            Dorris Donaldson Still 1954
Stollard Bobby 1971                                Bobby Stollard 1971
Stollard Debby 1971                                Debby Stollard 1971
Stone Ed                                              Class of 61 In Memory
Strickland Linton                                          Class of 1965
Taylor Bob                                       Bob Taylor Opry Band 06
Taylor James 1958                            James Taylor Class of 58
Taylor James W. 1958                James W Taylor Class of 1958
Taylor Wardine 1956                       Wardine Taylor Class of 56
Teston Lawton Sharron                                      Class of 1970
Thomas Lonn                                                       Class of 1965
Thomas Lyde                      Lyde Thomas Co Agent 1965-1980
Thomas Steve 1970                         Steve Thomas Class of 70
Thomas Terry 1968                          Terry Thomas Class of 68
Thrift Eunice                                  Eunice Thrift Sponsor 1958
Thrift Joe and Annette                          The Thrifts Joe Annette
Thrift Joey                                            Joey Thrift In Memory
Tindale Ann                                                Class of 1965
Townsend Juanita 1952          Juanita Townsend In Memory 52
Trey Alois 1952                                              Alois Trey 1952
Trey Alois, Jr. 1952                                   Alois Trey, Jr. 1952
Trey Arthur                                          Class of 56 In Memory
Trey Gloria F. Moore             Gloria F Moore Trey Class of 1954
Trey Joseph                                      In Memory Class of 1948
Trey Judy C. 1958                          Judy C. Trey Class of 1958
Tyre Robert                        Robert Tyre Teacher in Memory 52
Wainwright Joseph 1967        Joseph Wainwright In Memory 67
Wainwright Mary 1963                  Mary Wainwright Class of 63
Wainwright Ralph P 1969            Ralph P Wainwrigt Class of 69
Walck Dutch                                           Fire Chief Drums, PA
Waldren Irene Liles 1960                   Irene Liles Waldren 1960
Waldren Nell Mason                                  Nell Mason Waldren
Walker Elvin 1953                              Elvin Walker Class of 53
Walker June                          June Walker Basketball Coach 58
Walker Kent                                         Class of 67 In Memory
Walker Lorene Ray 1953            Lorene Ray Walker Class of 53
Wallace Clarence 1952                          Clarence Wallace 1952
Wallace Douglas 62                                               In Memory
Walters Reggie 1956                       Reggie Walters Class of 56
Warg Larry                          Larry Warg Fire Chief Hazelton, Pa
Warren Charles                                             Class of 1965
Warren Harry 1953                           Harry Warren Class of 53
Warren Lucus 1956                           Lucus Warren Class of 56
Wasson Bobby                                                 Bobby Wasson
Wells Gerri 1950                               Gerri Wells Class of 1950
Wells Joseph 1948                             Joseph Wells Class of 48
Wells Josephine 1949             Josephine Wells In Memory 1949
Wells Rosemary                             Rosemary Wells In Memory
West Joyce Middleton 1954            Joyce Middleton Class of 54
White Carlton 1953                           Carlton White Class of 53
Whitehead Amos 1954                  Amos Whitehead Class of 54
Whitehead Betty 1948                  Betty Whitehead Class of 48
Whitehead Carol 1956               Carol Whitehead Class of 1956
Whitehead Muriel 1949             Muriel Whitehead Class of 1949
Whitehead Ronnie 1958          Ronnie Whitehead Class of 1958
Whitley Annie D. 1952              Annie D. Whitley In Memory 52
Wild Sue                                              Class of 61 In Memory
Wildes Donna 1968                                   Donna Wildes 1968
Wildes Linda                                              Class of 1965
Wiles June Monroe                                     June Monroe Wiles
Williams Ann Gowen 1956       Ann Gowen Williams Class of 56
Williams Henry 1961                       Henry Williams Class of 61
Williams Joel 1966                             Joel Williams Class of 66
Williams Joseph T. 1970              Joseph T Williams Class of 70
Williams Michelle                         Michelle Williams 1970-1977
Wise                                              Wise Family 1872 Til 2000
Woodbine Intern                        Woodbine Intern Fire Museum
Wright Gail 1958                                  Gail Wright Class of 58
Wright Jessie                                           Jessie Wright 26-28
Wright Sonny 1961                                               In Memory
Yarbrough Garnell                                            Class of 1965
Young Richard                                                 Richard Young